IT Health check Overview


In today’s working environment, business owners lack clarity about their needs and at the same time they fail to conduct a proper assessment of their existing resources. They also need to examine the effectiveness of work with the highest level of efficiency. Our comprehensive Health check Package helps organizations to ascertain the overall scope and determine the consequences of their investments. This package is a must have for prospective professionals who are willing to broaden their horizons and are new in the industry.  

Health check


A detailed health check helps to let you know about the exact prospects of your funds invested and also makes you aware of the potential opportunities which can provide you with great returns. Our Health check is a multidimensional package which lays equal emphasis on all the areas of concern instead of assessing only a specific area of problem. This package has successfully evolved through various audit services. Soffit recently introduced this scheme for making it accessible and affordable for SME.

Business Process Vs IT Health Check

The core objective of this comprehensive service is to provide the organization with a detailed and useful insight about their current IT processes.

Application Health check

This feature helps to keep a check on the existing performance standards and also keeps track of the prevalent usage practices of various applications used in the Business.

IT Infrastructure Health check

This is an extremely significant step in the determination and integration of various infrastructural services such as computing, networking, security and Support management process.