Information Technology Consultancy services

IT Consultancy services

We provide world class consultancy services to cater to all your IT needs in your organization.

Our IT consultancy services help you to have:
  • Utilize our vast knowledge and skill set for faster solutions and delivery
  • Reduce learning curve for your employees
  • Increase IT productivity with optimizations
  • Reduce project costs
  • Increase project success and positive outcomes
  • Avail specialized skills not available in your organization
  • Gain competitive edge in IT
  • Ensure availability of vendors at optimized costs

Business process consultancy

Well thought out and implemented business processes can increase productivity, reduce waste and improve overall profitability for any business. With the constant changes in the business environment, it is all the more important to take a stock of existing business processes, review and redesign to cater to the market, customer and employee requirements.

Our expert consultants can help you in:
  • Management processes
  • Operational processes
  • Supporting processes

Our business process consultancy services help businesses to design and implement transactional and non-transactional processes to optimize and enhance existing business processes to improve overall business performance.

Our services will help your business to:
  • Increase revenue, speed to market and faster response to client requirements
  • Decrease costs
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Increase business flexibility
  • Increase visibility of processes and investments
  • Increase compliance, safety and security

Infrastructure consultancy

In current market, businesses have to be flexible and must be responding at lightning speed to market demands. This flexibility and mobility is built into the system via scalable on demand infrastructure with focus on investment RoI. Ground breaking technologies like cloud, mobility, social, big data and virtualization are changing the way businesses look at their IT infrastructure to service their requirements.

Our consultants, with in-depth knowledge and up to date developments in technology front, will help you to analyze your current infrastructure and propose the future infrastructure landscape to support and invigorate your current and future business plans and requirements. We can help you build your business continuity through robust and reliable data centers and DR, complex network systems and information security systems etc. to ensure your peace of mind to focus on market and business needs. On-demand cloud based infrastructure.

We help you to:
  • Ensure business availability
  • Increase productivity
  • Optimize investments
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Robust cloud and supporting infrastructure
  • Flexible and scalable mobile and social business support
  • Smooth transition to new technology platforms and solutions

Application Consultancy

IT Applications are the business enablers for any business. Business applications are pivotal in financial viability, customer retention, processes and overall sustenance of the business. Multiple applications managed by your business for customers and internal teams requires appropriate strategy, consistency with business processes, constant nurturing and timely upgrades.

Our experienced application consultants help you to have the much needed critical evaluation of your business applications and suggest changes to cater to your growing business requirements and market strategies.

We provide proprietary application development consulting for emerging businesses and firms to cater to specific and unique requirements and business processes for organizations. We handhold businesses to finalize on make or buy decisions, a major IT investment for any business. Application architecture support and tailoring it to support over all business landscape are major areas.

Our unique mix of application and infrastructure experts provides advice on optimal infrastructure required for the current application landscape and the future growth plans to match with your business strategy and market conditions. We make sure your investments in IT are optimal, efficient and relevant.

Through our services, you can:
  • Optimize your IT investments
  • Get maximum RoI
  • Increase business flexibility
  • Enhance business and market opportunities
  • Bring in flexibility and robustness in operations

IT Service Management (ITSM) Consultancy

ITSM Consultancy

IT service management, irrespective of the quantum of investment in IT, is the key in delivering the desired services to clients, living up to the expectations of employees and ensuring quality of service to the business. IT departments have transformed from cost centers to profit centers for businesses driven by the mandate of providing services and thus increasing profitability.

We provide advisory and consulting services for your handholding your businesses to reach ITSM levels as planned by the business and procure certifications as well. Our ITIL® certified experts provide help in documenting, analyzing and reengineering the processes. We help you to align the business needs and IT services through time tested methodologies and expertise. We help you transform your current processes to high standard ITIL driven processes.

Our services ranges from standard processes of ITIL®, COBIT to governance to ISO/IEC standards.

Information Security Management Service (ISMS) consultancy

ISMS Consultancy

ISMS refers to all security management standards and frameworks sought after by today’s businesses in line with global connectivity and internet spread of applications. ISO/IEC 27001, part of ISO/IEC 27000 family is being used for as standard across businesses.

We, through our expert security consultants, helps you to:
  • Analyze the current information security risks,threats and vulnerabilities
  • Design and implement system to address the risks in line with business strategy
  • Continuously improve on systems through encompassing management principles and strategy

Documentation and management responsibilities are key to implementation of these services and we handhold businesses through our experienced consultants. We also provide training, internal audits, pre-assessment and facilitation for the certifications.

Through our services, you can earn regulatory compliance as well as customer / market acceptability with the certifications and standards implemented.

Businesses undertake technology initiatives or undergo changes which necessitates upgradtion of Information System. An able advisor helps businesses to invest in right technologies by following international best practices to meet unique business needs. Soffit is glad to associate and guide as an extended technology team.