Integrating different technology solutions for the existing working environment

Constant changes and upgradations in Computing and Networking technology entails identification and implementation of new and more efficient IT Infrastructure solutions for businesses. Developing such solutions, in turn, requires a thorough knowledge of the existing and new technology and the related know-how of the best way to go about their seamless execution in the company topography . An in-house IT team will always be limited in their scope and expertise due to lack of experience of the IT industry, an inevitable consequence ofbeing llimited to just one company. Soffit, with its 150+ years of collective experience, possesses the necessary foil to meet all kinds of unwarranred eventualities.

Businesses use various technologies to meet their business need; they also have to keep updating existing technologies or adopt newer technologies to keep pace with the market demands. Situations tend to get complex and necessities a partner who can ensure smooth implementation and integration to create a trouble free environment, thereby protecting investments.

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Soffit has the necessary experience and capability to do seamless integration of various technologies for optimum performance, ease of management and mitigation of security concerns. Our teams of experts are trained and certified to handle or manage multiple technology implementations without any hassle.

Here’s our approach model:
  • Deploy team who are experts in the technologies that needs to be implemented
  • Ensure that the team follows industry best practices
  • Create proper documentation
  • Envisage security concerns & plan mitigation steps
Here are some of the typical examples:
  • Building secure mail solution for office as well as remote users through the organization’s VPN
  • Implementation of virtualization on existing server hardware along with the server migration
  • Creating VLAN, switching for a Data Centre environment
  • Configuring routing for multi-location connectivity with failover WAN link
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“Support for multiple technology integration”
Our Project Management services involves delivery of a group of integration support tasks for businesses in a time bound manner. This included implementation and integration of multiple technologies or technologies existing at multiple locations. We make sure that each and every requirement of our customer is fulfilled with the  perfect results and minimum time. Our pool of knowledge, tools and techniques is vast and allows to offer a wide range of Project Management services which includes Scope Management, Time Management, Resource Management and Cost Management. Hence, the success of your project in the most profitable way is ensured by SOFFIT.

Integration of complex requirements with strict timelines for completion requires project management processes support. Right project management with immaculate planning can blunt the effect of sudden surprises in the project implementation and help save time and money by optimizing the resources an its usage. Project management is one of the most important ingredients for successful implementation for any complex project.

Soffit’s project management team with the help of necessary tools ensures:
  • Neat plan & prediction
  • Availability of right resource at right time
  • Scheduled completion of each phase till the sign off
  • Milestone based progress tracking
  • Timely intervention to tackle unwarranted situation
  • Coordinating the final testing of implementation
  • Documentation
  • UAT & Sign off


Support for technical issues arising in critical infrastructures
The faiure of IT infrastructure in business processes due to malfunction or system outages is not infrequent and mey lead to exceedingly critical situations where the complete IT infrastructure of the company might be affected. This can hit businesses in a grave way by slowing down their operations and reducing their productivity. In such a crisis situation, assistance from a specialised technical expert team is direly needed for break fix support. The SOFFIT team of expert engineers are experienced in handling such critical situations across multiple technologies and also provides support for re-configuration of installed IT Infra, updations, fine tuning and performance optimisation of the affected system. We leave no stone unturned in restoring the functional efficiency of the business.

Accidents happen without notice!

A particular failure in your IT systems or network could be the outcome of one or more technologies. Identifying the real cause is a challenge and required right expertness and exposure. Such issues can get compounded if situation is not handled with holistic approach.

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Soffit has a sizeable team having knowledge, experience & expertise in various technology areas; which comes handy while handling any breakdown situation of implemented solution. Our approach makes the difference to help come out of a tricky situation as quickly as possible. Over the years we have developed methodical approach on various technology areas to assess the performance and bottlenecks which helps us to fix the root cause. We use various tools and processes to identify the underlining reasons of a threat. Once that is identified it becomes easy to come up with possible solution or work around without disturbing the existing operation.

Some Examples of breakdowns are as under:
  • Total network outage due to virus infection in group of systems
  • Intermittent outage of application server
  • High internet usage that IT team is unable to comprehend
  • Frequent failure in user systems
  • Hacker accessing client network and trying to steal valuable data