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Organizations investing in Information Technologies, expect a fully aligned systems that works uninterruptedly for the day to day business operation.
This can be achieved through right investments in following areas:

  1. Right Team with sufficient knowledge in multiple technologies
  2. Right Process and governance practices to ensure methodical maintenance approach

Team could comprise of the different level of skills level with various delivery objectives, the wide array of responsibilities should not only be limited to technical support and assuring RoI but should also include Vendor management, Asset management & End User management.
An ideal team should have the following composition to ensure all aspects of IT have been covered:

  • Strategy  (e.g. CIO / CTO)
  • Management (e.g. IT Manager)
  • Execution  (e.g. Technical Experts on Various IT Infrastructure and Applications

       Administration team to support end users requests)

Process comprises of ITSM practices to ensure predictability on support management and adherence to adequate policies relevant to the organisation. There has to be total clarity on what to manage and in what context, among all team members. They should follow the best practices and set proactive support options to make sure that the information system is available with optimum performance 24x7x365.
Soffit is one of the leaders in Managing IT systems of various organizations spread across different industry verticals.  We help businesses to have an efficient IT team who understand the business needs, have sufficient technical knowledge and adhere to processes. This way we take complete responsibility of the Information System for its maximum uptime, performance and security needs.
Having excellent services mindset, Soffit has created flexible service options for helping clients to fill the gap in Technical and process management.
Here are some of our support models:
Model 1 : Total responsibility of IT service management- Soffit assess  the required effort and technical knowhow to meet the client’s expectation and build the team along with required management process.
Model 2: Shared responsibility of IT service management (Hybrid Model) – In this model we share certain responsibilities with client’s existing IT team and work harmoniously to meet organization goals
Model 3: Limited responsibility of specific technology areas- This model ensures the organisation IT team to fill the technical or process management gaps that they may find difficulty in handling Soffit Managed Services brings consistency in support delivery through various processes, thus offering clients better control and peace of mind through reduced dependencies on individuals, technology products and its OEMs.

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Soffit MSS is the mighty successor of the IMS. It is especially designed to provide superior care and support to the critical aspects of your organization’s Information System so as to ensure unmatched critical responses. Enhanced complexity of the core IT demands undivided attention in the following areas:

  • Security Infrastructure such as Firewalls, IPS/IDS, NAC etc.
  • Critical Servers and Applications
  • Messaging systems
  • Data Storage and back up processes
  • Critical Network Infrastructure

Along with these services, Soffit MSS comes with the assurance of round the clock monitoring and management of critical IT resources, which includes patch management, upgradations, risk mitigation analysis plans, security assessment and prompt response to emergencies.

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An ITIL based IT support management system to ensure processes and practices designed specifically for the organization are being adhered to. Our experts would be always available and happy to provide with their valuable recommendations and feedback for the IT support management process relevant for your business.
Given below is the complete list of technical deliverables offered by soffit:

  • Dedicated Helpdesk number
  • Shared Call Coordinator (Soffit Helpdesk)
  • Access to Helpdesk Management software (users and IT team)
  • Follow up of Incidents and requests
  • Feedback on services quality delivered by the technical team
  • SLA assessment & management
  • Weekly / Monthly Reporting
  • Suggestions for optimizing the Number of incidents

This service is extremely useful to have right process and system in place for the client who has multiple technical members in the IT team. Right support management process will enhance the efficiency of the team and improve the confidence of the end user as there would be a transparent system in place to track all the incidence and resolution in real time.